How To Make Money From Your Real Estate Website?

How To Make Money From Your Real Estate Website?

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How to Make Money From Your Real Estate WebsiteYou can use various revenue generation models for an online business. If you search, you can find hundreds of ideas on the web. Here, we want to talk about established money making schemes. So, there is Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, advertisement, products, and referral based marketing. In general, you can divide the online marketing world into four categories:

  • Freelancing/Selling Services
  • Selling Ad-Space
  • Using Affiliate Marketing
  • Developing Your Own Digital Products

Your real estate business can benefit from all of these four models. If you are a broker, you can use your website to sell your services. Any real estate company can employ Adsense, but it rarely brings amazing results unless you have a fan base of thousands. In my opinion, if you have a website with massive following then you should focus on developing a valuable product rather then selling that traffic for pennies.

The next model is affiliate marketing. Any authority figure can endorse other real estate products, and he/she will earn a commission on each successful sale. Real estate professionals already use this model in their marketing campaigns. However, many websites do not utilize this idea in real life. The last and the most effective tool in this list is product development. With years of experience and successful record, you become qualified to launch your product. Now the product can be a software that assists realtor, it can be a lead generation setup, or it can be a course that teaches how to succeed in your chosen niche.

Whatever model you choose, make sure that it connects with core business values. On the web, you are writing for your audience and not for yourself.

Using these four basic models, real estate websites also make money from these ideas:

Realtor Website:

Real estate agents make money by referring and connecting with their customers. Most agents sell their services through their online portals. The website adds to their online presence. Sometimes, discounts, promotional offers, and coupons are shared to encourage hiring through their websites.

Online Listing Websites:

These sort of sites work similar to online directories. They collect their data from some sources including MLS. Listing websites contain hundreds of listings. If a seller or a realtor wants to promote their property, they can advertise their listing on these websites for additional exposure. Sponsored listings are posted on the top ranking pages so they can gain maximum attention.

Real Estate Magazines, Forums, and Blogs

These three types of sites operate on the principles of SEO and user engagement. Magazines, forums, and blogs host hundreds of pages of shareworthy content. Experts write these articles to connect with their customer base and other investors.

The content is divided into two categories: B2B and B2C.

In the B2C category, experts write content to educate consumers about latest trends in the industry. In contrast to that, the B2B audience loves growth hacking systems, software, and informational digital products. Both forums are excellent spots to generate business revenue. However, statistics and experience indicate that B2C websites make money in the long-run while a B2B website can provide immediate income.

Real estate investment trusts are also categorized as B2B portals. These kinds of sites make money purely from real estate sales. The sales are generated online, but they are closed in the offline realm.

If you are a real estate author or coach, you can also make money by selling seminars, ebooks, audio/video courses, coaching and Skype consultation. Because of telecommunication, you can cross the physical barriers and spread your message across countries.

So, which idea are you going to use for your website? Let us know and share your thoughts in comments below!

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